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    Please be advised that the Pancreatica Walks and Runs program, leading up to and including the Walk or Run(s) of a participant's choice, including training, may be an extreme test of a participant's physical and mental abilities.

    Participants are advised that any and all such Walk or Run activities carry with them the potential for harm -- both to themselves and to property, including but not limited to, loss of or damage to possessions, risk to others, bodily injury and even death.

    Participants should only participate if they understand and accept any and all risks associated with their participation in the Walk or Run(s), and related activities.

    In doing so Participants agree to release and hold harmless Cancer Patients Alliance ("CPA"), any and all related parties, third party trainers, other presenters and sponsors of the Walk or Run(s), any and all coaches, trainers, and/or training programs for the Walk or Run(s) including without limitation, any trainer subcontractors and employees, and any and all Walk or Run(s) and related activity associated persons and/or entities, from and against any and all liability, for any and all harm to themselves, and/or others, and/or to property, that may arise from their participation in this program as broadly construed.

    Participants are strongly advised to seek the counsel of their own physician prior to training. Participants are advised that the scheduling and/or content of the program may be changed on occasion due to circumstances beyond the control of the Walk or Run coaching and management staff. CPA is a non-profit organization whose serious mission includes pancreatic cancer and reducing barriers to clinical trials and survivorship.

    CPA will have expended considerable effort and expense to arrange for the Walk or Runs for its Pancreatica Walks and Runs Program leading up to and including the Walk or Run(s) of a participant's choice including such possible costs as personnel, registration fee (participant understands that they must purchase their own entry into the race / Walk or Run and will be reimbursed once the minimum is met If they ask for it), commemorative athletic shirt, gifts, prizes, marketing, materials, items and services for the Walk or Run.

    Participants agree that any disputes in these matters shall be resolved by binding arbitration upon request of the aggrieved Party. The arbitration shall comply with and be governed by, the provisions of the American Arbitration Association, shall take place in the location of Monterey, California and shall be construed according to the laws of the state of California.
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