Pancreatica Walks and Runs ToFightCancer is an initiative of the non-profit Cancer Patients Alliance ("CPA"). The www.ToFightCancer.com website ("TFC") is owned and operated by CPA. CPA typically does not own or operate the walks and/or races (runs) referenced at TFC - most of which are existing Events. In referring to these Events as "our" Events CPA means that these are identified walks and/or runs at which CPA anticipates and has made some provision for having participants in the Pancreatica Walks and Runs ToFightCancer program. Currently, in one case, CPA is the primary beneficiary of an Event, and generally CPA tries to have an informal relationship with each of the Events which CPA calls a Charity Partnership - the primary aim of which to let Event participants know of the option to also participate in the Pancreatica Walks and Runs program. In a few Events, typically in reception cities where there is no associated smaller distance event and there are a small number of anticipated walkers, CPA may host a walk.

Please be advised that the CPA Pancreatica Walks and Runs Program, leading up to and including the Event(s) of a participant's choice, including training, may be an extreme test of a participant's physical and mental abilities. Participants are advised that any and all such Event activities including possible associated Receptions, carry with them the potential for harm -- both to themselves and to property, including but not limited to, loss of or damage to possessions, risk to others, bodily injury and even death. Participants should only participate if they understand and accept any and all risks associated with their participation in the Event(s), Reception(s) and related activities. And in doing so Participants agree to release and hold harmless CPA, any and all related parties, third party trainers, other presenters and sponsors of the Event(s), any and all coaches, trainers, and/or training programs for the Event(s) including without limitation, any trainer subcontractors and employees, and any and all Event(s) and related activity associated persons and/or entities, from and against any and all liability, for any and all harm to themselves, and/or others, and/or to property, that may arise from their participation in this program as broadly construed.

Participants are advised that the scheduling and/or content of the program may be changed on occasion due to circumstances beyond the control of the Event coaching and management staff.