Fight pancreatic cancer in seattle!

Together with You our Mission is to promote awareness, increase education, and further pancreatic cancer research aimed at early diagnosis.

91% of pancreatic cancer patients will die within five years of diagnosis. There is currently no detection test. If patients are diagnosed in time for surgery, their chance of surviving meaningfully increases. A key approach is to foster a marker to help diagnose the disease earlier.


How it works: Fight pancreatic cancer by choosing any activity or event that you like, and work to raise donations for the cause!

We will send you a participation packet containing great information, athletic shirt, awareness bracelets, and other fun goodies. We will be with you all the way! All Donations are Tax-deductible.


"It was such an awesome experience for our whole family to be given the opportunity to participate with such a great and meaningful program!”

"I am so happy that decided to do this. This weekend was so amazing, seeing all those people come together for this cause was just amazing." is a top-rated internet resource containing unique educational resources for patients, their caregivers, physicians and researchers, that displays an impressive concentration of scientific articles. 

Currently, no standard marker exists to diagnose the disease in early stages. Our aim is to support the development of a marker for early diagnosis. If the disease is found even a year earlier, outcomes will begin to improve.  LEARN MORE